• 21, Jungang-dong2, Wansangu Jeonju

    (12-19, 3way Jeonlagamyoung Wansangu,

    13-16, 4way Jeonlagamyoung Wansangu)

    JEONJU STORY guest house

    tel : 010.5064.4333

    hp : 010.4202.2534 / 010.5319.2192

    e-mail : jeonjustory@jeonjustory.com


Go to ‘웨딩거리([Weding Gury] Wedding street)’ We are located between ‘전수현 웨딩모드Jeon Soo-Hyun Wedding Mode’ and ‘진미반점Jin-mi restaurant’ in the center of Wedding street. Taxi fare is about 4,000 won from Bus terminal, and 5,800 won from Jeonju train station.


Destination Station: Choong-gyoung ro inn, Jeonju city Health Center, Daga Post office

Get off the bus station, get to 'Wedding Street'. We are located in the middle way of the street. (It takes about 2 minutes from the bus station by walk)

Time to take: It takes 20 minutes from the bus terminal (49, 79, 559, 383, 385), 28 minutes from Jeonju train station (511, 513, 515, 541, 551)

Parking Lot

We are not equipped with parking lot.

If you bring the car, you still can park in the back of the guest house. 1 or 2 car may fit. If it's all occupied, you can park in front of the guest house. Or parking is available in nearby pay lots.

Parking fee is 1,000 won per hour, 7,000 won per day.

You can also use parking lot in nearby health center during weekday nights and weekends. Please call us for details.