It would be happy to read story of wind, sunshine, and moonlight in the leaf alone.

Is a piece of leaf another you or me?

The ginkgo leaf, symbol of Jeonju city, has kept all the valuable memories besides us.

Guest house, Jeonju story will also keep building the story around Jeonju about us. We would like to keep writing about story on wind, sunshine, and moonlight.

Jeonju story is located in the wedding street where you can walk and fully enjoy ‘slow city’,Jeonju. It takes only 7 minutes to go to the ‘Han-ok’ (Traditional Korean style house) town by walk. 3 minutes away from the film street and the street of ‘want to walk on’.


We opened April 2013 and are inviting you to the premium guest house with vintage look red brick building, comfortable rooms, restful roof garden, cozy café.